INOs offers a wide range of products, to ensure the best performance of your operations 24/7. With experienced technical support in each of the following components.

IoT Sensor Systems
Why specialized IoT solutions?
  • Improve your business’ productivity and efficiency.
  • When you automate monitoring and analytics in your business with specialized IoT solutions on a dedicated IoT network, you gain security and operational efficiencies and insights to help you act.
  • Options include wireless temperature sensor solutions, temperature, and humidity sensor solutions, and vibration sensor solutions utilizing cloud-based monitoring.
  • Remove the guesswork from daily operations.
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Leak Detection
  • Water Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Food Service
  • Agricultural / Irrigation
  • Data Centers
  • Building Management
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Storage & Warehouse
  • Transportation
  • Construction

Ethernet Transport
Ethernet Transport Services combine MPLS Layer-2 network with the reliability of a robust fiber footprint throughout New York to New Jersey, Virginia to Florida and the Caribbean. Our transport optical networks are designed to support delivery of carrier class Ethernet Service. Ethernet Transport Services are provided with SLAs (Service Level Agreement) to meet high performance carrier class requirements.
Dedicated Internet Access
INOS provides high performance and high availability Internet Access Service by connecting and peering with multiple connections at different geographies, only, with Tier 1 providers. Our BGP blend is also complemented with connection to the top Cloud Exchanges for direct routes into the like of Dimension Date, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and other top cloud providers.
International Connectivity
INOS has ownership presence or capacity on over 8 Sub-Sea Systems in the Caribbean and Atlantic. We can deliver traffic to over our own network to over 20 countries in the region.
INOS fully understands the importance of your IT infrastructure and our data centers are purpose-built to accommodate a variety of power densities rack configurations. We provide our customers a true marketplace where to interact buy/sell with all and any other participating with hosted presence at any of the Data Center facilities.
Cloud computing services may be deployed in several ways, depending on the needs of the end-user. We can work with you to tailor the best solution for your business.
Disaster Recovery
INOS provides your business the capability to safekeep in our secure data centers, that has been designed and constructed specifically for the highest of availability; and with participating presence you may also have a secure off-site location to relocate your strategic BC team with access to your data; ensuring that you can continue to operate. HOW? Our DC offsite in the Caribbean purposely-built colocation data centers are hardened, secure and comply with requirements. provide for up to 48 remote work stations, per module, where to relocate your workforce. We have considered every possible precautionary measure to ensure your IT infrastructure is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to help minimize a disaster’s impact.
Direct Connectivity to Microsoft ExpressRoute and other CSPs (Content Service Providers)


INOs’ Network Operations Center (NOC) offers advanced 24/7 network monitoring and proactive maintenance to detect and prevent potential hazards services. As well as mediation and problem solving to ensure you have the assistance you need.

IoT Dashboard & Platform

Our sensors collect and transmit data in the most reliable secure and safe efficient manner possible.

Our gateways are designed to process millions of transmissions per day, providing superior range, propagation, and cost efficiency.

The platform was designed to manage every stage of development, from proof of concept to global scale.


Improve decisions with data


Easy to access Platform


Supports your needs as you scale
Managed Services

You need a flexible partner experienced in delivering expert managed services that will transform your IT infrastructure and enable you to keep pace with changing business demands while reducing overall costs.

INOS offers a broad array of monitoring and management solutions that deliver enhanced performance and security capabilities across your infrastructure.

NOC & Support

INOS’ Network Operations Center (NOC) offers advanced 24/7 network monitoring and proactive maintenance to detect and prevent potential hazards services. As well as mediation and problem solving to ensure you have the assistance you need.

NOC Monitoring includes:

  • Connectivity Monitoring: For network devices, such as routers, switches, servers, applications, printers and practically any other device.
  • Real-Time Dashboards & Alarms: Alarm dashboards can show up-to-the-minute status of critical network links, bandwidth utilization, network latency, response times and other critical network issues.
  • Remediation of Your Infrastructure: Proactively resolve issues to alleviate downtime and increase operational efficiency.
  • Customized Mediation & Troubleshooting: We work with you to create a custom action plan for events and errors that are unique to your network.
  • On-site Maintenance Support
  • Performance Management and Reporting
  • Continuous Life-cycle Management including: configuration management, service upgrades (increase, moves, and changes), service evolution planning
  • Assigned customer service representative: for proactive account management and a single point of contact for all service inquiries and help requests.
  • Escalation Management
  • Advanced Technical Support
  • SolarWinds network monitoring tool, 24×7, secure access

INOS has Industry Experts of Engineering, Design and Project Management. we will work with you to understand your goals and technical needs.

Our Consulting Projects include:

  • Office Moves
  • New Software deployments
  • New Office setups
  • Campus Network Deployments
  • Point-to-Point, MPLS, SDWAN, Wireless design and Implementations
  • Service Desk Solutions
  • Cybersecurity Planning, Training, Design and Implementation
  • Cloud Migrations
  • IT Policy, Process & Procedures
  • Solution design
  • Data Center Migrations
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Project Management
Our team of project management experts can help you increase your company's results, improve your efficiency, optimize resources and control your projects. We provide consulting services in project management, methodological knowledge, increasing success in the initiatives and strategies of the organization. Permit that these are aligned with the times and results of each project.
System Integration
INOS provide the best-possible systems integration to connect and coordinate corporate systems, optimal infrastructure and reduction of complexity.
ServiceNow Development
The ServiceNow Developer Program provides developers with resources to learn, build and deploy applications on the ServiceNow platform, and offers the following resources to ensure a successful application building experience
Cloud Migration

Plan – We start with learning customer requirements and evaluating existing platforms. Next review and document customer systems and operations. From this we create an implementation strategy guide.

Design – Engineer optimal systems and network solutions. Validate and document environment design. Configure monitoring and document recovery for each system and application.

Build – Build your environment. We coordinate efforts with your vendors. Configure monitoring for applications. Create run books/recovery procedures. Advise you how to resync data and applications.

Test – Validate with a quality checklist. Validate your test case scenarios. Ensure that performance requirements are met.